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The content of these books, though authored by me, were essentially given by the messengers for me to write. They came and deliberately lifted the veil of this life's imposed blindness and allowed me to see who I really am, who I was, who I will be, why Earth exists, how Heaven works, what the true meaning and purpose of life is for us all

...and especially how important it is for YOU to understand ALL of this now. 


We all have lived many times before, some many times more than others, but for most the number of lives and their time here is limited.  Those that "graduate" from this basic classroom of spirit move on,

those that do not have a bleak future.


These books were given to me to give to you so that you will understand

what you must know before that time runs out.


The future events in Book 2 will be the proof of the message. 

Here are some of the events to come...soon! 




It’s my privilege to bring you this completely true story. It’s more than merely autobiographical though told from the flow of my life’s experience, a life guided in some important ways.  My walk in life is filled with unusual happenings, all of them steering me to this moment with you. Permit me to share the special knowledge, as surely you’ll be enlightened by it.


"A person’s judgment is no better than his information. And if you think information is expensive, try ignorance." - Albert Einstein.


At age 58 I began remembering everything and my recall came gradually, sometimes incompletely but only for a few weeks. I needed to keep focus and better track so I started a log. When strange stuff came to mind I reached for pencil and paper, piecing them together and discovering what it’s about. But why am I so slow to see all of this?


There are moments, hollow without hope; will I ever light up a thought, ever strike warm sparks from my heart? - Karol Wojtyla (aka Pope John Paul II): Schizotymik. 


Things about my life were confusing… whatever could it mean?  I felt sure I’m of sound mind, but for two more years I could only rethink what I knew without a hope of making the leap. Gradually the log helped win the day. It’s become the basis of this book of which I’m the scribe, a guide and merely your host... How fortuitous!


Some very odd things happened. In time I’d get glimmers and bursts of recognition. It was frustrating and a longstanding handicap, because I couldn’t pull it completely forward to rethink what happened. By 1995 it’s better. In 1997 another special thing happened really changing the game. As a result I have full recall of more than fifty separate incidents in detail, all of them.


This was happening when others were reporting their strange adventures. It’s fascinating reading, but I wasn’t connecting to any of my own. Memory was thin. But soon I realized I might have something too. Memories were coming back. Fact is I hadn’t begun to get the payoff of what I was carrying. All that began flooding forward in calendar ‘97. Some of it was a totally humbling experience, too fantastic for words…unless you’d lived it.


Looking back to all those special moments reveals that special people came from time to time helping me with some aspects of my life, to either correct, protect, or show me things. Their presence was reassuring. Sometimes visits were incidental for their own purposes and not shared as to content or action. I’m watched over and guided, they’re around me… but why?


But special people? Yes, I mean those from beyond this place, Earth.  People from The Management coming from realms of being in heaven. Ooops, the h-word!  Well, before you impulsively run the other way hear me out. You will want to know what I have to say, I promise you. But special, how interesting… even enchanting. So what’s it all mean?  I knew everyone else isn’t experiencing what I am. It wasn’t scary, just unsettling. So the big question, why me? 


I began thinking about it a lot and didn’t know why me for two more years… when they were ready. It’s in plan. Finally with the main flow of memories came knowledge of my mission. Yes, there’s even a mission. And with it came stunning knowledge of who I am. 


Here I’m just a guy, a practicing engineer all my life. And suddenly at the crest of my technical work it’s pushed into the background. Under my ordinary identity I’m actually someone else, an Elder to everyone here of another time and origin. Yeah right, but that doesn’t seem likely.


But put yourself in my place… like a guy with amnesia. One morning standing at the mirror, a flash of recognition comes and you see who you really are… I am Darius.  Well now, okay so what if I am. What's the deal?  But its six more months before the weight of that came.

I’m bringing you a completely true story in all its details. Many people are ready for this knowledge and rightly so. It’s time. To others its messages may be unpopular, all those unprepared people. What this may mean to you depends on who you are inside, the quality of your heart. Quality, as in, fidelity of your will to conscience, or of being a good person, something less ably defined than felt within us.

My life is a vehicle for telling this strange story, which does lead somewhere. But this story is actually about you.  Read carefully and you’ll gain the greatest insight ever offered to us before now. It’s insight and views of life ahead for us, beyond all confines of this physical Earth. It’s a mirror of your life ahead.


So what is the point?  Only this: Darius is the one who brings word of the Endtime. Putting it more strongly, whenever Darius shows up bringing word of the End, it comes soon after. Now there’s a sobering thought for everyone… and it’s God’s truth.  Herewith you’ve opened the Book that Lord Gabriel sealed shut, telling all that Daniel wasn’t permitted to reveal 2500 years ago, and so much more. Life ahead, it’s strings, hinges, gears, and contexts in heaven are revealed in detail. It’s your graduation gift.


Darius is here, truly speaking of The End. Events near ahead shall heighten a new common spiritual consciousness across the world.  Soon, nothing will be as it was. Big changes are coming. It’s nearly time for one of the biggest.  With this book begins the Period of the Last Days. If you’ve wondered about your life and its meaning, you’ll find true answers in here. It’s time to know how heaven operates and who’s pulling the strings on Earth all the millennia and why. 


Strange things are going on with people and more often for the last fifty years. They leave us many hints without masking much. It’s my job to give you special knowledge that until now was officially withheld, not to bias our life outcomes here. The questions of What, Why, When, How, Where, and By Whom, are answered in detail. 


And Darius isn’t here alone.  I’m naming thirty-six of your direct leaders, twenty-eight more from Central, and more beyond either of these central administrations. Others shall surface in their own time and mission. We’re all sent to directly help with the events near ahead, each complementing and supplementing the other’s work. It’s time to prepare for your graduation. But, we’ve a lot of work to do before then, you and me.


What heaven is about was greatly misunderstood… as intended. It is of course, the higher realms of being above physical Earth, beyond all confines of physical reality. And it’s described in amazing detail ahead. Heaven is anything but a vague idea or vaporous place. It’s a real place embodying states of being more real and vastly more powerful than the cradle that We have sketched in here. 


It’s a timeless place of timeless people living and working, where God's time flows similarly as here, a unity kind of time.  Contrary to belief there are many isolated time scenarios. Time isn’t what it seems. Only heaven's ‘time’ connects to them all. Ahead I’ve described what I know about time here and its manipulations from there.


This Book offers no religious agenda.  It’s not my mission to preach but only bring you the truth given me to reveal. But I do offer you suggestions. Be comforted to know, all paths leading to God, one God, the only God, are Holy. It means all holy paths, including yours. But here’s the main message: Life ahead depends entirely on Lord Jesus, a message so essential it’s sent again. There’s no other access for you to transcend this place except through Jesus. This is the most profound statement of this entire Book.


Jesus is The Gateway and Lord of the Judgment.  No one from here comes into heaven or comes to God except through Him! - Darius


God carries this Book forward with hard proofs: Events of the near future are recorded in detail, telling exactly how the End is to be played out in less than three decades. Messages of this Book have literally earth-shaking implications for everyone.


Year 1997 was a turning, the sequence started. From 2006 the wave of terrorism ramps up more intensely. Beginning after 2012, Great Signs come leaving no doubt of what’s been written. Sign after sign as foretold, offers inescapable proof of the believability and authenticity of this extraordinary Book. It’s exactly what’s expected of a true messenger.


… an Apostle from God, reading out hallowed pages containing firm decrees. - Al-Bayyinah 98:2


Anytime the End is contemplated the condition of your soul is raised into question. Your spiritual wellbeing is in your own hands. Your heart will lead you rightly if you are a good person. What lies ahead for Earth is exceptional, sealed 2500 years ago by pronouncement of God’s will. A long time ago you think, so you as a child of this century couldn’t possibly be part of God’s decision.  Wrong, you were there. You did your part bringing these hardships and spectacular results. People of the Endtime have earned what’s coming. The Grace here is that the End scenario is temporary to help with your readiness. It’ll pass as we all pass with it.  


There’s no shortcut to immortality. We achieve it the old fashioned way… you must earn it. How, by committing yourself to earning it. You’re responsible for your behavior. Well meaning people have warned us. And asking Why, it’s because you choose your behavior, thus are personally responsible for it. 


Darius also confirms it is so. You can very definitely destroy yourself and you’re at risk even to your last day.  This is the world’s final wake-up call. We’re all going soon but know Jesus will not leave you in the crucible longer than is right for you. 


Your greatest tests are immediately ahead but with the greatest prize imaginable still within your reach.  One relates directly to the other. This means everything to you because it will never come again. A huge investment was made bringing you this far. You need to understand and appreciate it... show Him!


Yes, there’ll be hardships but this isn’t about punishing good people. Living an ordeal is truly about your growth into His life and light beyond this place. It’s how we all grow to become who we are. We’re in it with you, completely. We’re becoming divine family to each other, all of us with you.


Do your best in His name no matter what extraordinary things happen. God loves you, were it otherwise there would be no you. But in this place God's love is necessarily tough love. So hold tight to a good heart, the End is only temporary, pangs of your spiritual rebirth and passing to a new and higher life.


Everyone must walk in the last days. Some are mercifully called sooner than others, but Ezra said those staying longest are most blessed (2 Esdras 13:24). Those present for the End are here by invitation, it’s no random drawing. It is selection… bear it in mind.  It may be difficult but it’s intended as a reward, seeing The Lord arrive. Chapters ahead show how things really are, helping you know and understand as God intends.  This Book is dedicated to you! 








Awakening - Book 1

Very strange memories began coming to mind after a visit by “little people” of a UFO on an October night in 1994.  After months of trying, I remembered most of it.  More than that, “they” were now working with me toward understanding a greater reality than I ever suspected.   Memories were flooding into mind; some old, some new.  Why?  I’m shown that I am one of them, and, ‘it is time.’


They gave me an adjustment to allow me to see again all their influences of my life since age 3, dozens of memories.  Next, a series started up, revealing more of themselves.  They want us to know that we are being reincarnated, over and over, many times toward ‘finishing’, toward becoming a higher kind of person, immortal.  Some will not make it. Some of us finishers are becoming Elders in God’s family, some will not.  


As for Them, “the little people”, they are immortal beings of Realm One from Heaven, who assume bioware while working in this level, our level, below Heaven.  Maintenance and messenger crews that grow body suits as needed by shipboard process and discard them after finishing their work.  They too are on a spiritual journey for there are many Realms above ours and theirs as well. 


This book is the beginning of a story of our awakening, yours and mine, as told by Them.  The gateway to understanding of what life is really all about and that it does indeed have meaning regardless of your circumstances.  The hardships and joys you experience here are significant and your responses and actions to them have implications depending on your choices.   Finally…you can find out why.


  • Series: I AM DARIUS - Book 1

  • Paperback: 356 pages

  • Publisher:  Independent Publishing Platform (April 5, 2013)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1482534525

  • ISBN-13: 978-1482534528

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.9 x 8.5 inches

Special Knowledge - Book 2


In this volume all the basic questions about heaven are raised and then answered in detail.  The who, what, when, where, why and how.  The whole organization is revealed.  Its higher realms, higher personal ID’s and the ‘autonomous powers’ of heaven.  The whole sequence of  major world events to come as proof of how the world will end for us in just about two decades from 2015, finally ending in the final war; West against West.


  • Series: I AM DARIUS - Book 2

  • Paperback: 324 pages

  • Publisher:  Independent Publishing Platform (April 5, 2013)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1482544199

  • ISBN-13: 978-1482544190

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.8 x 8.5 inches

Divine Family - Book 3


In this volume its spells out the whole organization of heaven and the Grand Plan of Special Districts where Elders of God live and develop in hyper-time and hyper-space used for instantaneous travel.   Our true essence is that we are light beings, the immortals.  Powerful points of intelligence in the cosmos and all Ten Realms or heavens above it.  God’s selective development is revealed.  We are family, all headed to live in a higher universe in higher name identities.  No amount of time changes us, only service to God grows us greater. 


  • Series: I AM DARIUS - Book 3

  • Paperback: 308 pages

  • Publisher: Independent Publishing Platform (April 5, 2013)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1482560267

  • ISBN-13: 978-1482560268

  •  Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.8 x 8.5 inches


Expectations - Book 4

This volume offers knowledge of our street level actions in God’s service leading us to the End.  We are highlighting the right path to your spirit.  Revelations, where and how you win “immortality”.  The Lord’s judgment comes here and now.  Few will be saved.  Search yourself, is that you? Possibly! Because you don’t know the winning outcomes of your other past lives here.


We all have lived many, many, many lives here on Earth during each great cycle. You are judged on who you’ve become at the end of a grand cycle, not merely this lifetime.  A grand cycle is a period of 12 great cycles.  Each great cycle is about 26,000 years.  Time is nearly up. 


Great and small events are contrived and sent as a test of us all, forcing our decision; The right path or not.  The Lord or not. Immortality is the reward of success and heaven is not what you think! Reduction in Hell is the reward for failure and hell is not what you think!


Now, today, it’s the hour of your Judgment. Choose! Time is running out fast.  No delays, no second chances. This time it’s final. 


  • Series: I AM DARIUS - Book 4

  • Paperback: 418 pages

  • Publisher:  Independent Publishing Platform (April 5, 2013)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1482552531

  • ISBN-13: 978-1482552539

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 1 x 8.5 inches


Springfield Timeworks

New England friends make the discovery of the ages. A discovery that changes their perception of everything! The meaning of life, the past, the future, and the very fundamentals of reality itself are all revealed. The Universal Timeworks is unveiled!

Four guys go exploring and discover an enigmatic house deep in the woods. As they explore the house weird things start happening and they come to the startling realization that its a doorway, a portal! Dimensions are not what they seem; time is not what it seems. Its a gateway to realms only spoken of by the sages and prophets of antiquity and more!


As their visits to the house progress they meet the Great Sages, who teach them basic precepts, revealing hidden dimensions of this world. But why? It was all spectacular in itself, but they just have to know more, keeping them coming back again and again, growing in spirit and depth.


They learn how to use powers long forgotten in human experience. It was overwhelming when they learned, reluctantly, that they are special people... brothers from elsewhere and other times.


Next came the skills: How to port themselves out-of-body, going, meeting the Others; How to manipulate time and place; How to move objects by the intent; Move themselves at-will into the next higher reality of the world. How to speak and hear by telepathy; How to listen to the private thoughts of people.


They experienced their own futures, and then they are shown and told in detail the world's near future. The whole sequence of major events is revealed to them. They learn that they are 'warriors' with a personal role in some events, particularly the big ones, like when the EU attacks the USA in the unthinkable Big War near ahead.


Loyal sons that they are, as this all plays out, they do their individual final service to the world within their Brotherhood.


  • Paperback: 114 pages

  • Publisher:  Independent Publishing Platform (November 23, 2013)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1494244225

  • ISBN-13: 978-1494244224

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 0.3 x 8 inches

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