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Additional Predicted Events


At morning prayers on the levee Christmas Day 1998, the information came again about China.  I’d missed it in the flood of information I received. I’m thinking these events happen a few years after The Signs of a later chapter. And I’m unsure where this belongs in sequence. But similarly to Russia, there’s to be big civil war in China.  First in sequence is this:


"China will destroy Taiwan with nuclear weapons"


But this action soon destabilizes the powers within, resulting in China breaking up into hard regional civil wars. Warring factions will ruthlessly deliver more destruction:


"Nuclear bombs destroy the cities of Canton, Shanghai, and finally Peking."


And in that order, the China region will collapse into long and bitter civil wars and mounting hardships, until the huge population is decimated in war, weather, general famine, and its rapidly spreading disease epidemics. Also, within the series of earthquakes and severe weather, there will be some other big events. He next said:


"Baghdad will be destroyed by a nuclear strike."


It comes in retaliation to Iraq’s attack on Israel from using both chemical and biological weapons. Yes, WMD that people didn’t find yet. Iraq apparently has them stashed… the western desert.


He was appalled and sympathetic, telling us that, particularly, the bio-agents will kill so very many people, near 1½-million… a little less. With Baghdad being annihilated, Iraq is no longer  a factor of power again in the Middle East.


As before, the earthquakes and volcanoes will continue. Weather effects will become more severe for another few years before another something big happens. Next he gave us another most surprising event:


"Jerusalem will be destroyed by a nuclear bomb."


The bomb is placed there and detonated by a group of terrorists. This attack will be answered in kind, destroying three other cities as he called out their names:


"Damascus, Teheran, and Tripoli will be destroyed by nuclear strikes."


I recall as he gave their names, an overlay appeared in mind of the same scale of his earth-light projection. It shows their relative positions. The longest leg of a narrow triangle is from Teheran to Tripoli in Libya. It’s much longer than from Damascus to Teheran.


At first, it’s how I knew the third name is Tripoli. Now of course, I clearly recall hearing him saying its name, Tripoli. This nuclear exchange results in a long, savage and bitter war. It’s contained regionally but very many people will be its victims.


In fact he emphasized the inhumanity of their acts, as whole populations of the region are decimated. They’ll take no prisoners, sparing no one, one nation against another (Jeremiah 12:17). The war will destroy people of the entire region in final settlement of this attack on Israel. Next he said:


"The atmosphere is already damaged and becoming much more so."


From decades of gas imbalances and chemical pollutants being released into the atmosphere, ever greater turbulence comes, bringing oscillations driving the weather extremes. Damage already existed early in the 20th Century and continues, growing ever larger in scale and becoming ever worse. Its effects are now being seen and felt worldwide, coming to everywhere in turn.


And weather instabilities will continue, even had we gone totally ‘green’ by the millennium year. Ever more severe results are coming to be experienced ever more often. Weather will bring increasingly disastrous effects, with ever increasing consequences to the harvests and our essential supports to day-to-day life.  Weather extremes shall follow, meaning normally cold places will be hot, hot places cold, wet places will be dry, dry will become wet. Other dry places will be drier, wet places wetter, cold places colder, and hot places hotter… everything driven to their extremes.


Rains are coming, bringing immense regional flooding, repeatedly, covering huge areas. Floods will destroy much of the land, its life, property, and means. Huge areas will be affected resulting in great civil hardships, forcing the permanent displacement of very many people.  Regional economies and whole communities will be destroyed on a huge scale, leaving large numbers of people homeless without work or means to live. He next said:


"There will also be a meteor."


"It will strike the western Pacific near the Philippine Islands."


Its impact will destroy the islands. All? …some, but exactly how many wasn’t said. Destruction in the whole region will be very bad, but worse than this for everyone else is its contribution toward making even more severe patterns of weather, which are already quite difficult by then. Without saying more he moved on, reflecting that the meteor’s impact is smaller than other big events ahead. Next, he said:


"Atmospheric effects will continue to get worse, more out of balance."


It’ll oscillate, bringing severe climate instabilities leading to crop failures.  As the ever-greater climate swings continue, their effects will cause crop failures on a huge scale across the entire world.  As the seasons go out of all balance, food will become in very short supply. Less and less will be produced in the harvests, worldwide. 


Areas of Africa and Asia, most particularly, will soon suffer the greatest  famine ever known by mankind, leading to deaths of very many people across whole continents.  As for a rescue there won’t be enough usable infrastructure, means, time, or available resources to respond to their desperate and overwhelming needs. 


With general famine the waves of extinction come, massive losses of population. And directly from it, health problems arise of immense proportions. We see a preview with the AIDS epidemic of Africa. No one left will be able to clean up its aftermath, averting the outbreaks of disease. They’ll be struggling, dealing with problems of their own suffering. 


"Diseases appear and quickly go out of all control."


Severe weather effects continue. General famine is quickly followed by the greatest outbreaks of disease ever known on Earth, such diseases as cannot be stopped or controlled. They rapidly spread widely among the survivors.  Diseases spread unchecked over vast lands to their populations. Epidemic quickly reduces people of their regions. Moving rapidly eastward, disease and famine lead to the end of entire populations in the hemisphere.


At this point in the presentation, the highlighted area of Africa went dark.  The lighted circle was only showing the Western Hemisphere. Equally involved in this scenario is the entire Eastern Hemisphere.


It wasn’t given separately, meaning that it’s the same as that presented for Africa. Nothing but civil war in China was added about the fate of all Asia.  I’m thinking earthquake, tsunami, volcanoes and weather largely take down Japan and early on. He continued, saying:


"Famine and disease will continue, spreading elsewhere."


Eventually it also reaches Europe. Unstoppable diseases begin spreading unchecked in Eastern Europe. At this time, he said:


"Crops begin failing in a big way across Western Europe."


Diseases will quickly spread north and eastward through Europe, then westward.  Governments will be unable to cope with it. Weather effects continue on. Next, he said:


"Panic spreads across Europe."


During this difficult time a great dependency of Europe on North America arises, a result of shortages and effects from disease. The dependency leads to attitudes and resentment by the EU toward USA. Between powers will be disagreements and confusion as problems heighten between and among the centers of power.


The USA will help the EU and others as much as they can. But America will suffer their own disasters and shortfalls, as yields of food diminish and shortages appear of all kinds.  Disease and general famine continue spreading. Next, he said:


"At this time the world goes into its greatest turmoil."


The turmoil results in the greatest and widest spread chaos as all civil order breaks down.


Leading to the final sequence of events.....







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